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cheap canada goose jackets FrontpageWhat’s OnFamily KidsIn the NewsThe law which affects parents who get married after having kidsThere is legislation out there which means people should re register their children’s births after tying the knot18:15, 2 SEP 2017Updated18:19, 2 SEP 2017What’s OnThere are so many laws which affect different people at different stages at their lives and it can be very tricky to keep track of, or even understand, all of them. This is perhaps why parents are getting confused about this one in particular.It seems there is a little known law which impacts on those who marry after having children and, technically, it could result in a fine.However, the Manchester Evening News has spoken to a solicitor to get her to explain it for parents and clear up any confusion.The law states that parents who have kids together before tying the knot should re register the child’s birth after their marriage. This is regardless of whether the natural father is already on the child’s birth certificate.But Katharine Marshall, associate solicitor at WHN Solicitors, said the legislation relates to a time when cheap canada goose illegitimate children could not inherit from their parents but, as it is now outdated, it is unlikely parents would be fined for not re registering their child’s birth.(Image: Getty Images)Her comments come as the Manchester Evening News reported how many parents were unaware the legislation even existed, while others have been reportedly told about it but told it is unneccessary.A link to the government’s LA1 form for people to re register has been shared among Facebook groups this past week, with some parents questioning whether they need to take any action.Why divorced parents could be ARRESTED for taking their own kids on holidayKatharine said: “When people who already have children together get married, under the Legitimacy Act 1976, parents must re register the birth of their children, regardless canada goose outlet canada goose outlet of whether the natural father was included on the child’s birth certificate at the time of original registration. cheap canada goose jackets

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