The head of the Senate Democrats in New Jersey, who has been leading a movement to block the governor’s nominees, is also from Fort Lee. However the story unfolds, it seems almost certain that Fort Lee was targeted by some people in the governor’s office in New Jersey. The result was a lane closure on the GW bridge that probably cost citizens need I say it again? millions of dollars.

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Cheap Jerseys free shipping This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Kansas City mom humiliated, shamed after forced to pee in cup on United flight, she saysKansas City mom humiliated, shamed after forced to pee in cup on United flight, she saysUpdated: Wednesday, May 10 2017 3:05 PM EDT2017 05 10 19:05:35 GMTA Kansas City mom says she was humiliated and shamed on a United flight with her family. She had to go to the bathroom, and flight attendants handed her a plastic cup. Then, they shamed her and told her they would report her.A Kansas City mom says she was humiliated and shamed on a United flight with her family Cheap Jerseys free shipping.