The big autumn project, Pumpkin Fest, was held on Sunday, October 25, at the Trumansburg Fair Grounds. This event was a fundraiser for various school groups, but was organized by the Leadership in Action class this year. Student Council created the haunted house and sold cookbooks with recipes from district employees and students.

kitchenware Sometimes before retirement people are so busy with work they need time to rest and never get around to cleaning out the garage, attic or basement. Many old and unwanted things just stand idle in these places and the best way to get rid of them is to hold a garage sale. Without any investment, you can earn with the things you no longer need. kitchenware

silicone mould This year, Nanda, along with her team of designers, created a collection of dyed khadi with complexities in the weave and next year, she will be experimenting with graphic prints and colour blocking on the fabric. “Currently, we are working on gowns for a white wedding and later we will have a whole wedding range for Indian weddings as well. The colours we are playing with are mostly whites and golds because those are the natural colours of raw khadi silk. silicone mould

decorating tools I’m writing to share our success. Our Christmas Open House in November fondant tools, where we host visitors and vendors, brought more than 200 people to the sale to eat free goodies and to see the lovely Christmas decorations in the Victorian tradition. Our annual Christmas Candlelight Tour in December brought in more than 400 people in about three hours; docents in costume discussed local history and Christmas traditions with the house illuminated by candles, kerosene lights and a little electricity. decorating tools

plastic mould Now that the WD SmartWare application is installed you can open it and when you do you see the GUI above pop open. You must first select which backup target you like to do, the My Passport Ultra or to Dropbox. You can do both, but you need to set each one up individually.. plastic mould

baking tools A dispatcher in Pullman didn appreciate the winter weather. Are bringing out the Christmas decorations. Police and fire units responded to several calls of downed power lines and broken tree branches weighed down by the snow, said Mike Heston of the Pullman Fire Department. baking tools

bakeware factory In addition to window dressings, Victorian home decor requires Victorian furniture and accents. Furniture should be beautiful but usable, and its purpose should be crystal clear. Once you have your furniture in place, add other accents like white lampshades with ornaments on them. bakeware factory

fondant tools “I made it to the aide station, but things were so hot that we knew they’d be overrun soon by the Chinese, so I high tailed it out of there without any treatment.” He escaped North Korea with his life, was assigned to Fort Ord in January 1952, and processed incoming and outgoing troops there until l959, when he was reassigned to Germany. Crawford burned the midnight oil studying, improving his education, he said. After 45 days, he was put in charge of the company. fondant tools

cake decorations supplier Burt was born November 16, 1923, in Minneapolis, MN. He started working in his father’s bakery at age 15 as a cleaner. He later filled in for bakers when they were on vacations, drove delivery trucks on wholesale routes and waited on customers at the service counter cake decorations supplier.