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canada goose clearance PHE understands all sausages sold under the Tesco brand are exclusively sourced within the UK.”The Food Standards Agency is working with government, industry bodies and scientists across Europe to better understand and address the risk of foodborne hepatitis E infection.”None of the store’s “own brand” pork products are thought to have led to any infections.Thousands of Brits could be infected with the Hepatitis E virus from imported pork sold canada goose outlet canada goose outlet in a UK supermarketThe research was said to have been carried out between 2014 and 2016 but concerns over its “sensitivity” meant it was only recently published.A Tesco spokesperson said: “Tesco welcomes PHE’s statement that recognises Tesco products were not the cause of the hepatitis E infections in its research.”The sausages on sale at Tesco at the time of the research were sourced from the UK and continue to be today.”We do of course recognise the risk of hepatitis E in pork and work very closely with farmers, suppliers, PHE, FSA and the industry to reduce its risk. We also provide customers with easy to follow advice on the packaging of all our pork products setting out how to handle it safely and cook it thoroughly.”An FSA spokeswoman said they are aware of the report’s findings and are reviewing all aspects of hepatitis E infection with other government departments and industry.”The risk from acquiring hepatitis E virus (HEV) from eating thoroughly cooked pork or pork products is low,” she said.”As a precaution, the FSA advises consumers that all whole cuts of pork, pork products and offal should be thoroughly cooked until steaming hot throughout, the meat is no longer pink and juices run clear.”Never buy these five products from the supermarketWith the increase in figures of those affected, NHS Blood and Transplant have reportedly begun screening all donated blood and will do the same for donated organs and tissues in the future.Learn more about hepatitis E: Hepatitis E is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis E virus, according to the British Liver Trust. It is usually mild unless you have pre existing liver disease or are pregnant Usually only patients with a suppressed immune system report a chronic infection caused by hepatitis E. canada goose clearance

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