The eight houses already seized are in Hampton.Winfree, a 39 year old Hampton resident, has eluded capture since Feb. 23 when the Richmond Multijurisdictional Grand Jury indicted him on a charge of distributing more than five pounds of marijuana and two counts of conspiracy to distribute more than five pounds of marijuana.An affidavit filed in Hampton General District Court to search Winfree’s residence in the 400 block of South Armistead Avenue alleges Winfree was a key figure in a major drug operation that moved more than a half million dollars’ worth of marijuana between the Peninsula and the Richmond area. Richardson, a narcotics investigator for the Chesterfield County Police Department, Replica Bags claimed that an informant paid Winfree at least $500,000 during the past 18 months.Winfree sold the marijuana in quantities of up to 115 pounds each, Richardson’s affidavit stated.

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